The Faculty of Architecture at Federal University of Bahia (FAUFBA), through the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urban Planning (PPGAU-UFBA) and LabHabitar, in partnership with the Polytechnic School (EP-UFBA), launched the Residency in Architecture and Urban Planning and Engineering (AU+E), similar to Medical Residency, also considering the tenets of Social Residency existing at UFBA. This new post-graduate program take place through a lato sensu specialization course for Technical Assistance, Housing and the Right to the City. With a multidisciplinary nature, a biannual offer and also free of charge, it aims professional and citizen training to integrate institutions of public interest, municipalities and active social movements in this field, broadening the social insertion of the public university.

A participatory and innovative design of social interest is aimed at increasing access to public resources, promoting a better quality of housing and strengthening citizenship.It also includes fieldwork for technical assistance and design, through workshops, research, planning, and other outreach activities. As a pioneering program in this field, it is based on the Federal Law No. 11,888, of December 24, 2008, which assures to low-income families, up to three (3) minimum wages, of urban or rural areas, free public technical assistance for the design and construction of housing of social interest, as an integral part of the social right to housing.

3rd. edition 2017-2018


Angela Maria Gordilho Souza

Elisamara de Oliveira Emiliano

Coordination of disciplines

1) Production of Space, Urban Policies and the Right to the City:

  • Angela Gordilho Souza

2) Urban Design, Infrastructure and Environment:

  • Carlos Bomfim

3) Planning and Architectural Design, Urbanism and Engineering:

  • Daniel Marostergan

4) Methodologies and Techniques for Participatory Design:

  • Heliana Faria Mettig Rocha

5) Thematic Seminars

  • Elisamara de Oliveira Emiliano

Administrative Assistant

Luis Emanuel Moitinho Acácio